Stramaialata la "Sagra del mangiar bene... come una volta"

Stramaialata Sagra del mangiar bene come una volta a Castiglione del Lago Perugia, lago trasimeno
Stramaialata - Sagra del mangiar bene... come una volta a Piana, Castiglione del lago

Stramaialata: more than 10 years of passion for pig

The “Sagra del mangiar bene … come una volta” (STRAMAIALATA) or “Good eating Festival as once it was” is a gastronomic event based on one of the typical products for the excellence of Umbria: the pork. Obviously the one used in this festival on the shores of Lake Trasimeno is strictly from local farms.

But not only! It’s also music, dance, fashion shows, shows depending on the schedule of the evening!

We were born more than 10 years ago, and we immediately had a great success both for the genuineness of the food and for the entertainment offered.

“Good eating festival … as once it was” means a village united in the spirit of good will and fun

Is the spirit of cohesion and collaboration of the inhabitants of Piana, in Castiglione del Lago (PG), that makes each festival an unforgettable experience is not far behind!

In fact, during this festival of the Trasimeno lake you can find almost all of our inhabitants lend a helping hand. Young and old always put it all together to make you spend unforgettable moments! All this is also thanks to our Stra-shuttle, which, guided by people disguised as pigs, will pick you from the parking area to the festival area.

All while the “Pig dance” and other theme songs, resound through the streets of our tiny village.

The Stra-shuttle

People from Piana at work

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