Menu of “Good eating Festival as once it was” - Stramaialata

As the name suggests Stramaialata, one of the most important festivals in Umbria, the dishes that you can taste in Piana, in Castiglione del Lago, in the province of Perugia, are strictly based on pork.

In the country that stands on the shores of Lake Trasimeno, Piana, there is in fact a great tradition of food based on pork as well as farms. For the occasion the breeders of the area provide the organizers of the “Feast of eating well … as once” the meat of their fine farm animals: so the food you can enjoy, as well as having a guarantee more on its quality, will be also locally sourced: a real km0 food. The characteristic that distinguishes the party is also the cooking of the pig, rigorously at least 100 kg, on the rotisserie with a formidable machine called “Prima di Ercole”.

Stramaialata is the typical dish of the Gooe eating festival... as it once was

In addition to giving the name to our festival, the Stramaialata is nothing but a selection of 7 different cuts of pork: sausages, ribs, pork roast pig, coppa (or Soprassata), Pancetta, pork steak and Fegatelli. We also point out another particularly tasty dish: Lo Stincone. A pork knuckle suitable for three people. After this wonderful photo of our Stramaialata in all its fatness you can find the menu of our festival.

Piatto tipico Stramaialata - Sagra del Mangiar bene... come una volta
La Stramaialata: una selezione di 7 tagli della carne di maiale

Menu Stramaialata

Bread and cover € 1.50


Ham and melon € 4.00

First Courses

Pici with duck sauce € 7.00

Rigatoni with duck sauce € 6.00

Rigatoni alla contadina € 6.00

Beans with pork rind € 5.00

Second courses

Tripe with sauce € 5.00

Pork steak € 5.00

Sausages € 4.00

Fegatelli € 5.00

Roast pork € 9.00

Lamb chops € 8.00


Stramaialata (7 different types of pork, recommended for 2 people) € 13.00

Lo Stincone (big pork shank recommended for 3 people) € 25.00

Bisteccone and french fries ( steak with bacon and pork chops. For 3 people) € 20.00

Side Dishes

Fried potatoes € 3.00

Tomato and cucumber salad € 2.50

Beans  € 2.50

Fagiolina del Trasimeno € 4,00

Fruit and dessert

Watermelon € 1.50

Tozzetti and Vinsanto € 2.50

Tiramisusy € 3.00



Natural Water 1 lt € 1.50

Carbonated water 1 lt € 1.50


Grechetto white wine “Cantina il Poggio” € 5.00

Red Wine IGT Tuscany “Marlone” € 5.00

Starna White sparkling Wine  € 6.00

Baccio Rosso Wine Cantina del Trasimeno € 7.00

Divina Villa red wine  Cantina del Trasimeno € 10.00


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